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Our Family Serving Your Family

We like to get to know our patients and their families on a personal level. Our practice is family friendly, so whether it’s your 2-year-old child or your 102-year-old grandma, we’d love to meet them and provide the dental care they need.

Do You Take Walk-Ins?

We accept pre-scheduled appointments and accommodate walk-ins as much as we possibly can. If you’re in the area, come see us. There’s a good chance we’ll be able to get you in either the same day, or the next day.

How Can We Help You ?

Cavities & Fillings

Without treatment, cavities can grow larger and become more painful over time. At Sunshine Dental, we can help you find cavities early with regular check ups. Early cavity detection allows us to fix them before they become major problems. Our general dentists are here to help restore your dental health and comfort.

Tooth Aches & Pains

When you’ve got a toothache, it’s hard to enjoy the little things, like a hot cup of tea, a cold bowl of ice cream, or even something as simple as an apple. You shouldn’t have to live that way.

Visit Sunshine Dental, and we’ll do everything we can to resolve your toothache. We’ll thoroughly examine your teeth, looking for anything that might be causing you discomfort or issues. Once we’ve found it, we’ll make sure we carefully explain the issue and walk you through your treatment options. Together, we’ll come up with the best possible strategy for treating your toothache so you can get back to enjoying the simple pleasures.

Here Are Just Some of the Services We Provide

Dental Implants
Tooth Removal
Wisdom Tooth Removal
Dental Crowns & Bridges
TMJ Therapy
Pediatric Dentistry
Root Canals
Oral Surgery
Exams & Cleaning
Emergency Dentistry
Cosmetic Dentistry
Sedation Dentistry
Tooth-Colored Filings

All services at Sunshine Dental are performed by General Dentists

Our Dentists Are Happy to Speak With You.

We want you to feel comfortable about achieving a healthy and beautiful smile
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Call or come see us. We’ll schedule you in for a time that works for you.

Get Your Consultation

One of our general dentists will take a look and evaluate your oral health.

Request Your Treatment

We’ll work with you to schedule the next steps to get you on your way to a healthy and beautiful smile.

Enjoy Direct Billing

Leave all the paperwork to us. We deal with all insurance companies so you don’t have to. We also direct bill and take insurance assignment